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Bible Museum

Please visit our Antique Bible Museum located at our Home Sanctuary in Tarpon Springs, Florida, U.S.

Bible Museum
This is no Ordinary Church!!

Visit with us each Sunday at 10AM to find out why. Are you tired of the "milk"? Do you want the meat of God's Word? Are you fed up with church politics? Do you want to fellowship with other Christians who want to learn about our Lord Jesus Christ as revealed to us through the Holy Scriptures? Then you owe it to yourself to come hear Leslie teach! Leslie Hale has been referred to as the "Irish Preacher" ever since he arrived in Florida over 20 years ago. In his native Belfast, Ireland, Leslie blessed tens of thousands with his straightforward teachings on how to get to know and how to turn your life over to Jesus Christ. Now, every Sunday at 10AM in Tarpon Springs, FL and through his television and Internet ministry Leslie continues to open God's Word so that Christians can get to know how God's love saved them and how they can serve Him.

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